About Adaptive Arts…

Adaptive Arts believes in helping students of ALL ABILITIES find their performance and artistic expression through traditional and adaptive means. Our special needs community is critically underrepresented in the performing arts: identifying this, Adaptive Art’s solution was to build an inclusive performing arts school in the greater South Bend area that caters to a performer’s ability.

Utilizing relationship-based education – the emphasis is placed on getting to know our students as individuals before we jump into the curriculum. Our favorite question to ask – how can I teach you if I do not know you?

We incorporate a student’s choices and then instruct using adaptive language and creative ways to help immerse and engage our students in their art form so they can be playing an instrument, painting, or dancing within minutes of their first lesson.

Adaptive Arts works with community members to create adaptive devices to help individuals play traditional instruments more comfortably, by adapting the instrument to their cognitive or physical challenge.

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Our Instructors

Janie Moreno


Stacy Madero


Jack Waller


Brittany Steiner


Elisa Luna

Wood Worker

Brian Narra


Steve Chapman


Janet Clauss

Leather Worker


1234 Divi St. #1000 San Francisco, CA 33945



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